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Only a reader would understand the value of a book, no matter how old it is. The idea of Kitaabmandi comes from the basic need of reading. Students across the country have one thing in common - they almost always have to face strict budget constraints. It then becomes difficult to shell out money from your tight monthly budget to buy brand new books in today's day and age. Certain text books may no longer be relevant to the out going batch in a college but the same is extremely beneficial for their respective juniors.

Kitaabmandi is a pocket-friendly attempt to bring students and readers of all ages under one platform so that they could buy, sell or exchange second-hand books at a nominal rate. So in case you are thinking of giving away your precious books, which you no longer use, to the local 'raddiwallah', think again. There might be someone out there who is actually in need of it.

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